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Please reach out if you are interested in visiting the studio or would like to buy a painting or print.

Look forward to connecting with you.


910 Berkeley st.
Santa Monica, CA, 90403

Zach Statler, artist. I am Employed by the universe to bring as much beauty into this world as humanly possible. I will always fall short of perfection but that doesn't mean I won't keep trying. I love you, have a nice life.



My name is Zach Statler and I am a painter. 

I am inspired by the subjective human experience, by the nature of consciousness, and by the intense beauty of our universe. I find lengthy artist statements distasteful because art, by its very nature, is a discussion not a monologue. If you wish to contact me and have a conversation I can assure you that I will be more than responsive. Indeed, nothing would make me happier!

Until then, I prefer to let my work speak for me... but if it says anything other than "I love you", I'm sure you've misheard.