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910 Berkeley st.
Santa Monica, CA, 90403

Zach Statler, artist. I am Employed by the universe to bring as much beauty into this world as humanly possible. I will always fall short of perfection but that doesn't mean I won't keep trying. I love you, have a nice life.

Tryptamine Visions

These paintings are inspired by my journeys.

In their creation, I chose to utilize a highly process-oriented technique that involves countless hours of physical labor. My intention was never to depict an image of beauty, but instead to create an object that was itself inherently beautiful.

Every iteration in this series is an earnest attempt to create the most flawless object possible. However the nature of my process is such that it highlights every single flaw that inevitably occurs. These pieces derive their beauty and character from the textural imperfections that my process so ruthlessly brings to light.

Humans will always struggle to transcend our humanity, and that virtuous pursuit - be it through substance, achievement, creativity or even velocity - will never achieve more than the momentary illusion of success.

True transcendence comes only with death.